People who are overweight..

What was my first earliest moment about starting to become over weight? well it started about when I was in high school, and I started gaining weight by eating to much of the cafeteria food.  I blame the food that they had, and that it was crap. Yes I said that, cafeteria food used to taste good but I think now that they change it some what.  And that is the problem about becoming to eat and what you feel like eating, these are steps about being the way who we are and how we become over weight. 

  So this year I started to go to the over eaters anonymous OA and it was okay, I like the way people start up about how they feel and what they get us to talk about. I found it pretty helpful to go and get the information and learn from that experience. Since I am going to be moving back to where I want to go, I some how think about the restaurants where I want to go. But I just know I am not going to,  I found  a tip today and from a friend that I was going to write a story and share it with anyone who wants to join me and read this.  I am good at sharing short stories and writing things down.  

I just know that I am ready to start sharing them with anyone.




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