define Obsession

so were defining the word Obsession, also know as the meaning of it is: addiction – it is something we are addicted to. I put a lot into my topic, and wrote down two whole pages of what the word means and what we Obsessed about. The word means addiction it clearly says that there is two words to describe it, the good and the bad meaning of it. I did a lot of work on my subject, and I did my research about it. Obsession is what your addictive about and what you do the most of, my addiction for example is my cell phone or using the Internet on my computer. Most people have an addiction to what is in their pocket or what is attached to their hands, It is not that I blame cell phone but it is most common to see what people are attached to, seeing there is always some kind of thing in their hand. 

So what are you addicted to/ your Obsession? 

What is the one thing your attached to that you know that it is your Obsession?

What is the second thing that you obsessed with?

What do you think Obsession is about? What are we all addicted to lately? (deeply into that it turns into a addiction) Think of a time when you were obsessing back when you were in high school that you were obsessing about. I know I was Obsessing about music groups who were hot and pop, and it was hard breaking that addiction. I used to be crazy and obsessing about (Britney, Nsync, Christina Aguilera, SCLUB7, and there used to be alot more that I was into) but that all changed when I stopped Obsessing about them. Gosh it was back in the days. Now as an adult I changed my ways about it, I grown up about the old music groups, cause everyone else Changes. I don’t Obsessed about music groups that much, I really like the singer Katy Perry but I don’t Obsess about her that much. An addiction is tough at a point, addiction is who it is and what it is. And with all that is defining my topic and I feel good about myself changing and growing up from my Obsession of things I used to be crazy about. I hope to get some feedback and to be adding more blogs about my crazy Obsession life about me.


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