I think about friendship a lot and when I am with my friends, well I hear to much drama.  Yea drama is the cause of a good or bad relationship, I know I am right because today I made some drama free zone signs in the art gallery. I like it so it can remind it is a drama free zone building and we don’t need the gossip or drama that is caused by rumors. There is a lot of stress created about it, you never knows where it comes from in your life.

I rather be in a Drama free zone where there is no pain no gain.  Less of it is good for us, If we need it, its because we pick it up from the Internet or just a cause in our life that we do need some drama to live by it. I started listening to myself and I am starting at a point now to stay out of it, and to not create any. Drama is drama, drama is part of us some how and I know to stay out of people’s businesses. So if you like me stay out of it. And be Drama Free!!! Yea to those who are Drama Free.


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