Here is a thought, I been thinking about this all day and its been picking my brain out. Food why food I thought and there are the good and the bad of foods. You never know what foods are out there, and you don’t know how many grams of fat or sugar or salt is in it. Does anyone want to help me out with what I am thinking of, I keep a food journal and its been helping me know what I eat thought out the day. Some days I cheat and I crave it, and do it. Food is good for us, the good kind and the bad kind is most of the junk food that we don’t need. I know and realize that we only need the right amount of nutrients in our body’s. When we eat the bad stuff, we feel bad and put ourselves in a mood and makes us tired later on. So with food be careful what you put into our bodies, and just eat that right amount of food that is shown with colorful things on a plate to help guide us. I’ve been going to a nutritionist to help me see what I do and progress on what I been eating. Going to see someone helps and getting the message out there, for others even though your pre-diabetic or over weight be careful on what you eat. I know I have a fear of what may come and I don’t even want to think of. I just hope to not hear about that news yet, I get my results hopefully by next week, and pray that I don’t become one. I am getting back to my old self about watching what I do eat and drinking more water and that I can overcome to not to drink soda. I know I can do this and I will be a stronger person and control what I do eat and do all this hopefully be the time the summer comes. 

News is news, Food is good. So limit yourself to just the right amount you do need, and control just a cupful is good enough for you. Its going to be tough, but I do know that I can do it and achieve it. Thanks and hope you like the latest blog about food.


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