Television these days

what is on these days? there is way of too much shows and new shows. Think of your addictions and Obsessions do you blame television? or not. Yea there are way too much shows but somehow it keeps us entertaining. I am a Glee lover and I am watching glee fan and I just enjoy it well. I love seeing what’s going to happen next, and look forward to the next new show on Thursday. I don’t have that many favorite shows, but I enjoy watching Lifetime and what ever is on television. TV is TV and I get bored of it some times, but it sure does keep me entertaining. Netflix is my main source of entertainment and I enjoy it to much that it keeps me in bed and watch too much of it. I sure do like seeing whats new and whats added to the list. Well for now back to my show I was watching and I will think of something else to say or blog about.


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