Big fancy rich houses

Ever wonder what it is like living in a big fancy house? Yea I can image it and from watching tv and reality television. When you do watch reality television some celebrities live that way, and live in big fancy mansions. How can some certain rich people live in really nice houses, I wonder what it could look like, and what it will look like. Yea they may have lots of money, and have really nice jobs to support them selves. I can dream of living in one, dream of having one some day or just dream of having one for fun. What it would like living in one, dreaming in that moment. Can you picture you’re self or not in one. 

I sort of get the issue, but a lot is wealth and fame. The word is rich, and money is one big thing in the world for all of us. A lot of us don’t have (money) neither do I, at least I can dream of it. In a world of imagination can have the chance to go walk in a big fancy house, see and get a feel for what it would be like. I wish I had a friend who lives in a big mansion, then I could spend time seeing what it would be like. If I had the chance to or I wish I could have a long weekend, or either have a week living in one just for a break/ vacation. Any big mansion would be just fine for me, or anyone else. As long as they served me with anything that I would like to enjoy.  A massage, facial, manicure, pedicure, and what ever else that would be taken care of. Mansions are just breath taking and luxurious. That is how I see them.  Could just image and wish just what it would feel like, like the dream I had. 


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