Love to write

How many people actually write and write in journals and use them ever day? Then I am glad I am not the only one, last time I bought a journal I was at Ross someone else asked me If I journal and I said yes. I am guilty of writing and it is also my passion for writing and turning into a journal worm. I am a writer and I just can’t help but to put a pen in my hand and put my self into a journal and write away and be that way for an hour. It is my passion for writing and becoming a writer one day and some how write my first book of all about me. My dream is to write my autobiography one of these days, it is also on my Bucket list as well and one of the things I thought of having on my bucket list. You never know that you may become a writer like me, I bet all lot of my friends didn’t know that.  

When did I start journaling? lets see I started in high school, when I first had my first journal and started writing what was on my mind. I like having something to write about and what happened and what was done in my past life. Now when I want something to write about or read about I can go back and read the first of my journal since then. Journals help for many of things, they help by giving us something to write about. Sense of direction, or sense of a journey of what we did and what we had done in the past. How many journals do I have ? so far I have lots and lost count of how many I do have. I have a bunch, I have had about 20 I would say. I may have had more, but some I retyped out and when (my computer was cleaned out and everything was lost) I wished I had printed them out. Darn it but oh well, I just think about the memories I had that year. I have had collected them though out the years, and the only place I don’t mind sharing Is that I get my writing ambition and buy them at Ross. Ross is the only place that I would buy them for a good cost, and they are pretty. nice and my style. I find so many and I keep them for a time, when it is time to write again I find one that I haven’t used and start a new one. When it is time to start another good journal. It is so freely to have the time to write and to keep those thoughts of memories that have written down. I been doing this for years, and it is a compulsive thing of the mind to help me think and wonder what would life be with out a journal. I don’t think so. For anyone who reads my blog, please feel free to comment back to this. 

“Blogging is like an open journal sometimes”


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