As I know it

As I know it and pass on my blog page to others, I love the feeling about sharing the fact That I can do anything as long as I pass it along. So the latest thing I done is feeling good about myself and that I am getting better about opening up about myself. And I am not giving up hope for the future.  Yes one thing I was thinking about is the topic that I last suggested and I was thinking of how I would share it. 

Are you a Spoiled person? and How do you get spoiled ? so write down a list of things that make you spoiled and how it affects your life. Lately I’ve been figuring that out lately that I do spoil myself and I spoil my hunger, sometimes it is spending too much on things I don’t need but then again I must really need it for a reason. Being a selfish spoiled person that is inside of you. And then again why do you spoil yourself on something that you don’t need. Spoiling your self is one big thing in your life. Why not trying not to spoil yourself and let it go for a day or so and don’t do that to yourself. And self control it, and write down how it feels and let me know how that feels.  Comment me back and tell me your story.


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