Dreams are ..

So a couple of days ago I heard someone talking about Dreams and what they want or what kind of dreams they were dreaming about. Dreams are something special to us, we dream about life and the future of what we want in them. I dream a lot and It is part of my big future and I know that I do have a big future ahead of me. I want to do more in life, an make it bigger, and My personal dream is to have the future in my hands of a Painter, and a creative writer. I am mentioning this as an example and yes that is what I do best and telling the good side of me and not the bad.  Dreams are a wonderful thing and good to dream about, dreaming about what is inside that dream and to make it real. I look forward to hitting the pillow and figure out what I am going to dream about.. I had some bad dreams once and it was awful, I mentioned it to by friend and we were just talking about it. I try not to have bad dreams though, that is why we should pray more before going to bed. Be careful and dream the good stuff that you look forward too ! “Dream with your heart and with Love”


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