so lately I have been thinking about Habits and it relates to our peer group meeting coming up and we are working on Habits. The Bad vs. Good Habits it is our Subject that we are talking about. How many Habits do we all have? How many are there on my list? too many but not that many I want to mention, biting my nails was one of them. I learned my lesson and stopped a few years back, and kept my nails nice looking for almost 6-7 years now. I Improved from my bad habit to my good Habit about my nails. I used to bite my nails, but since I grew up from that habit, I am good about my nails now and try to keep polish on them to look nice once in awhile. Sometimes I can’t type because they get to long, I try to keep them short so I can type and do things with my nice nails. 

Yea so how many have bad habit and they can’t stop it. How many friends do you have, that they do have a bad habit and that they don’t know it is happening. I starting making a list of my Bad Habits and my Good Habits it is looking about half way to me. I am trying to figure out on a scale, which side wins. Everyone should make a list and try and break that bad Habit. I am going to start doing that every year and reward myself for doing that. I am going to stop with the bad and start being good. Tell me about it later on.


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