What are you Afraid of ?

I had another topic to write about .. What are you afraid of ? 

I am afraid of scary movies, Bees I get scared and freaked out and try to stay still. I still get afraid of getting poked (like going for a test at a doctors office or somewhere getting poked) being scared is okay but I am afraid of things that I am afraid of. I had a night that happened once and it was so scary and I couldn’t sleep at all, Halloween movies are to scary to watch alone. And it is a good idea to watch it with a friend instead. Never watch a scary alone and stay awake all night long if you have to. Halloween masks are scary too, bugs, snakes, sharks, and spiders are all scary for me. A tip Snakes are scary I used to live in the desert and yes there are snakes and too creepy. I get freaked out easily, so today I was walking to the dollar tree, a bee landed on me. I was scared and slowly made it go away, I head someone laugh at me just because I flipped out and I just hate Bees, that was not funny at all. I was okay afterwards, and afraid of Bees. Yikes what a moment awhile ago. 


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