Electronics are on my mind and Have you

Electronics are on my mind and Have you ever been in a sticky situation that maybe you forgot something and you don’t have that info on you. 

so what and how do you forget the password to? out of all days I did that I for got that one thing and it has saved all my info I need it tonight. My internet has been down and I can only use my computer to use the resourceful thing that is right in front of you my computer is pretty much I use since I don’t have the wifi anymore. The one thing is my electronics device my iPod I use it every day and it bugs me that it is not on me and it is in a safe place till I get it tomorrow and good thing for a back up plan.  I started with getting a small blank journal that I carry with me so I never forget something when I might need.  It is helpful when I am at library and I can check my bag for it. 

So a good tip about using electronic devices never forget you password or something important. I  advise to get a small blank notebook/journal and keep it hidden in your backpack or purse. It is a great thing to have. 

Also my latest thing that this is my 20 blog. Yea that is good to know I feel like celebrating my blog victory !!!!


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