Too many Binders..

this is what is on my Mind .. so the thing is we are staying with an older lady who has too much junk, really! remember the post about Obsessions? I do, so her ambition is collecting Binders. And I have never seen that many in one small room, its that bad and stack after stack and it really bugs me and It makes me frustrated. I just can’t help it, Binders and with so much paper and I just know it is a big Recycle project. I find this disturbing and it makes me want to write about a song about Binders and Junk.

How many Binders do we need? I don’t even want to think about Binders, they are just for class or reuse it for some other reason. But Binders I counted about 100 and these stacks are bugging me stress from seeing them everyday. Venting these feeling are a relief of what I see every day. I am going to get a photo of the Binders bugging me and It is too much work. Here is the problem so this lady won’t give them up, she says they are her work and what she does for the past years. I just know it is going to be awhile to get rid of them. But she says she is going to donate at least 20 blue binders, and know what? she has tons of white binders, just full of White Binders just at least 2 big stacks of them. I am glad I don’t have that many it is just a lot to think about it.  I only need at least 3 but I don’t need more than that. Having a couple is good but not more what she has. Too many is just enough. It is time to just get rid of them, time to move on and find a new hobby. My new slogan is start something new, and Recycle them and find a new thing to start.

Thanks for reading !!!!


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