My Vacation

So I have been gone for two weeks, gone a few days without Internet. Finally had to let you know what I have been up too. I have been helping a family member move and pack up to her new destination. I finished help unpacking, went to my cousin’s wedding and it was so beautiful, and loved the last parties that we have been to. It was exciting to see my guy cousin get married to his sweetheart. And they are a really great couple, they left a few days ago on their honeymoon to Turkey. A long distance place, I sort of heard of.

Other wise I had an amazing time away, and my vacation was alot of fun. Now the bad part of my trip, is that my suitcase was missing off when I noticed it was gone missing on Amtrak. I hate this happened and that someone took it. I am so mad and really pissed and why would someone take my suitcase off the train.  It was right after when we left Los Angeles and somewhere between Ventura. That was when I noticed it was gone and missing, I was going crazy. I hate that this happened, I hate the person who took my bag. This really SUCKS !!!! I just want my suitcase back. It was so strange and why did this have to happen.

This was a great vacation, and now it sucks with my bag missing. Please return it. All I ask there will be a sign, and hope that they return it to the train station. Please all I ask for that person to Please Return it. Praying that it will show up.


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