What’s to know about me…

I like this Blog site it really opens me up,  Now I really enjoying blogging. It is so much fun and to have it, is really fun. Blogging is really helpful, and I like writing about things that are going on, and to open my mind about it. I usually start off from my journals and write down what is really bugging me, or something that I am watching or what show is good and what show is bad for us. I do like watching The Voice, and some other drama shows. I used to be a quiet person but I am not anymore, I opened up a lot and not that shy anymore. I used to be a shy quiet person, but I had changed over the years, I had stage fright at first when I first sang on stage at church. A couple of years ago when I sang again at church, I had my first solo and was part of the church singing group. I forgot I had stage fright, but I had confidence and grew up sort of with stage fright. I changed and grown up since then about being on stage, and getting over it.

Is there anyone else who has this kind of problem? I just delt it and got over it. I also like singing with my karaoke app. on my ipod. It helps me see that I do have a great voice, and I am such a strong person. I can change in every way that I know I am growing up to a great adult already. Thanks for listening.


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