so I have been thinking of all friendships lately. We have so many friends and that we create so many friendships with just about anyone we meet. Whats interesting about our friends, they instantly become friends like from different places and from the start. How do we know them?  from work, school, college, and other meeting places that we meet them from. or from just about anywhere. 

Friends and making more friends is a great feeling for all of us. I’ve had friends from grade school and beyond that. Just about anywhere. Once we have friends, we find a lot of things in common and create a great bond with them and ya just know that, like that.  It is an instant bond what you do have in common with them. 

 I love making new friends where ever I meet them, and if you have to move like somewhere,  like me for instance I previous moved from Santa Cruz to another county of Santa Barbara. I  had my own decisions, and I was on a different path to head back home for awhile. I am hoping for a room, a living space in the northern area of San Diego county again. I am on the move of finding my real dream and as well find my dream guy (my one true love hopefully) that one day will come. 

How many friends do you have? Are you lucky to have a lot of friends, great friends are fun to be around.  Friends are Important in your life! It is great to have a lot of friends. I just love making more great new friends. But we do find Love with the right guy or girl, happens when the right time, is right. We can all dream about finding the perfect Love and that Dream will happen. Yes I did a lot of thinking and putting this blog together. Please send me any info about this, if you want. 


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