my type of music

So what do I know about music? I know that music makes me feel good about myself, and that it makes me happy. There is a lot of music out there and I know what music I like and what keeps me going. Music is music. I like a lot of music, I am a big fan about Christian music and I listen to KLOVE radio station, and Air1 still good Christian music. I like good music about God, and not because of my faith.

   I sort of write some music lyrics but not that good about making that dream yet, like yea sure I would love to sing. But there is that stage I kinda get stage fright a little. Doesn’t everyone I am still shy about it, sometimes I don’t. I still don’t like to sing in front of crowd’s, but some day got to get over it. I am opened up about kinds of music, I am big on popular music, to new singers, and groups. I am an avid about Katy Perry, and Kelly Clarkson. My music tastes are changeable and different from time to time, there is usually some new singer I might like or not like.

    I like old music, from the old generation 50’s, 60’s, 70’s, and Big about the 80’s music because it is my generation and I am part of the 81’s era that I grew up in.

Here is some questions for you and hope to see some comments about what you are into.

Do you like Oldies?

What year of music did you grow up in?

What music don’t you like?

What don’t you like about music? 

I recently went to the fair over the weekend and went to two concerts, I saw WAR and Creedence clearwater revival they both were so fun to see. The music brought my attention about music.


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