Death and Losses

We all know what hits the news and Death and Losses are something big in the news every day and sometimes it is just life. It is something that happens regularly.

I have heard the news about the Glee star Cory Monteith’s death unexpectedly that is not normal but some times it just happens. Death is something big, and dealing with what they are doing is bad and wrong. Life happens but Death is not.

The last few years ago I had to deal with Losses, it is just that time when they have to go and go live with God. The last death I dealt with was a great grandparent, who I loved and that was the last grandparent. And I had to let go of that grief, death is going to heaven. It is just a time to let them leave the earth and to be with God and who ever else is in heaven. I learned to let go and to let the feeling for them go be with their spirit. 

I had a few in my family, my grandpa who I never knew. I was just a baby, and I have heard stories about him. My aunt’s husband passed cause of cancer. My uncle’s wife had passed in 2006 my Grandma passed that year too. That was one big person who was in my life, she took a lot of care and I barely knew what she was talking about. She only spoke Spanish, only knew a few English words. Both of my grandma and my grandpa came from Mexico and have other relatives long relatives in Mexico. Also It is just a time that we do leave the earth and to go live in the hands of God.  I was named after them and that is so cool to have and that I do carry on their names. Ever year I do something special for them on their birthdays and I never forget them. I share and rejoice the peace. 

Never forget who you lost, and start Rejoicing them. 


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