Food Cravings

What food cravings do you Have ?

we all have cravings, and binge on things that we shouldn’t and should do I know I am right. It is true some of the times that we do eat is good for us, and some things we shouldn’t eat is wrong for us. Yea at times, we eat what we want to eat. Our bodies tell us when to eat, mornings, lunch, snack and dinner. And when we still have that feeling of feeling hungry, for me I like to have a little something. I go for ice cream or go out and get some Yogurt during the summer I would think it is okay. Otherwise I know when your on a diet is is hard, nutritionists say eat fruit. But we all bend that rule, I know that as a fact. I have all a lot of cravings, chips, cookies, seeds, and soda. I don’t really let my self have it, I am usually good about it. 

Lately I am doing really good about what I eat, drink plenty of water. Try and not to eat anything after 10, I heard it is supposed to be around 8 p.m. But that rule gets bend a little. I let my self have a junk food moment for the week, and I would say that is okay. Food may be the enemy, but the right food is better for us. Once a week is okay with me as long as I don’t over eat. I try not to do that, and I am proud of what I eat and portion it, I get enough inside of me and then fill full. Craving are part of a normal life, but just be careful of what we all eat. And a tip keep a journal and a Budget book and keep record of where you go and what you spend on what you do eat. I am doing a better job of doing my good deeds. 

Things are great and doing better for me. I treat myself better and be Happy.


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