tv marathons, and movies.

I just love marathons, they are addictive and yea then your glued to the tv all day long. There are a lot of shows and when it comes to marathons,  just show after show, watching each episode till head fills with TV knowledge. 

It can make your head hurt, or just make your head tired. Just thinking about having a movie or a tv. marathon, then make sure you have your snacks ready for a marathon and maybe have your freezer with ice cream or at least something sweet to have while being a couch potato. Know as lazy-ness. I say it is just doing nothing all day. 

I like those days, being lazy and just watching show after show, and movie after movie, and sometimes it is not good to watch a lot of TV. But for me I know it is not but I do it anyways, and I just love a good marathon. 


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