I was just thinking it has been at least a couple of weeks since I last blogged something that was on my mind. Earlier I posted two things from previous art show, I really had fun hanging out with my friends. 

A lot has been on my mind lately, the move down to San Diego county area. I was feeling everything getting on my nerves. I was just not myself, I kept thinking I know I am doing all the right things of making myself change and to grow up. Change is tough on me, making life choices is hard and I realize that Now. I have a lot of growing up still.  I am sure there is a lot of tough choices, there are a lot of people who make this decision and making things right for them. 

I have been there, and it I know life is going to be a lot better and making the right choices. For being who I am, who I am, it reminds me of that song, Part of me by Katy Perry, I like the songs it relates to me in some ways, as I listen to the lyrics. Music is one of my keys to listen to and it opens up my heart to God.


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