Making a difference in my Life

the ocean and the sunset, along the bay. Watching from the train, while strolling along the california coast. Great things happen every once in awhile, and Life is just so good for me. I discovered that I can use my laptop on the train and type while holding on tight so it does not go anywhere. My eyes are peeled and not going to loose anything this time. I don’t trust people taking something away from that is Valuable like my phone, iPod, or my computer. Things cost a lot and I rather be extra careful, Never loose any thing that is price unfortunate. But I do like traveling by train, and with car of course. This time I am in the process of moving things out of my old room at my dad’s. And it has to be packed away in the car Thursday and to be ready Friday to leave early. I just love having that feeling of being who I am and part of leaving the nest once again to have my own life. I love being able to being on my own, and rooming with great new friends. I have a lot of thought and being courageous and growing up to do still.
Part of me is changing in so many ways, with turning 32 next month, and making all these great idea’s in my head and making that change happen. I love being myself and that I am very talented and Organized.


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