Been reading ..

Yea so I have been reading my past journals, and they been keeping my busy. I have been reading what I did in them and learning from my past things that I have been and done. Journaling is one of my favorite things to do, they make me feel good and at least something that certain things do for fun. Reading is fun, and I like reading Romance something I don’t have right now. I at least don’t have a romance at least I wish I did, but being Single is so fun. I am just looking for the right guy still, I have been single for so long now. But I love having friends and support for all the right reasons. At least I am not committed to anyone and so much feeling alive, I just love being who I am. I know when the right person comes into my life, and that we get along for so much and then I know he is the one. There is so much more to Life !!!


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