A lot of people have so many of the Iphones, and the new latest things like Apple computers and the nicest things that they do have and cause they have the money and great jobs to earn them. I am just the jealous type I don’t know why but I am, I am jealous cause they have them. I am the type who doesn’t, I really wish I could but I cannot afford it. I am the Jealous person, and I wish I could. I wish I could have a new computer, to WIN one would be cool. I really want a new computer, I do. I am just so mad and why can’t someone send me a new computer. The thing in life is Electronics, they rule our worlds, plus they help us with about anything, and doing resources. The thing is my mind is hoping for a  better new computer, I was playing around with my friends brand new laptop computer The New Apple computer, I am like Wow really so nice and better with virus protection and great quality. I was jealous that she even had one, and I like using it. 

Someday, some how I will get my chance to, Hopefully get one. To Win one would be nice and for free. I already know what kind and what brand of computer that I want. A prayer will be answered later on for something new. 


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