15 things about me..

Things about me..

1. that she loves writing in journals. (that is where she gets her ideas for a blog)

2. that she has a great style in taste

3. she has a great talent in creativity 

4. that she is a creative Artist and has a Growing Art page

5. she has a great Smile

6. that she Cares about Family 

7. she has a lot of friends (in many areas that she meet and known)

8. that she has a great Memory (about remembering numbers and addresses)

9. she gets Inspired and Likes Inspirations from Words of Wisdom.

10. that she is Special and Unique.

11.  she loves taking great pictures. 

12. she loves the color Purple (like things that are Purple)

13. Likes Music, and likes to create a dance

14. Is a California girl at heart 

15. she has a passion about writing a Book someday. 


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