Road trips..

Ever been on a road trip ?

I have been on a road trip plenty of times. They are so fun to take as long as their is music playing and the sun right in your face. Been along the coast of California and up north and back of the coast. Road trips even on the train, I have been everywhere along the coast. California is just so beautiful and as long as your a California person, then you know why you love it so much. This past year I went to Sonoma back in June, for a wedding that ride was fun. 

Stories are mostly in my journals and one thing about reading them, is that I know I have had a lot fun traveling.  

Traveling with someone like family is fun to explore the beautiful coast of California. I have been on so many in my past life, life is filled with a lot of fun. Growing up and knowing that you have been on Road trips. I have had a lot of fun stories to tell about where I have been and where I have been. It is fun while it lasts. Take another journey and enjoy it well. 


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