the past week..

About two weeks ago, I had an interesting email from one of my friends. Well she reminded me that I still had my Tumblr account, and I started using it again. Kinda like this blog site, I started using again, and Now I remind myself to use it almost every couple of days. Now I use Tumblr and I think of things to say just Like my blog page. Does anyone else use Tumblr.? I am still using my blog page though, I try and at least find more things to talk about.

Recently I started a new Day Program, and we go out around town and go to activities, and attend local free classes, and also Volunteer at sites were we do our job and last course Lunch anywhere we go and enjoy. That is about it in the new day program, so far I have been meeting and getting to know new friends that I meet. It is fun getting to know them, knowing what their likes and interests are. I love meeting new friends and having great relationships with them.

I at least get time to myself in the evenings. I like watching Netflix, painting my nails, listening to music, dancing with my earphones in my ears. I like being myself around friends, that way they know about me that way. It is fun hanging out with friends when we have the time to. I got to hang out with my friend yesterday afternoon, we haven’t had a chance to in two weeks. Glad we caught up with each other, had dinner and talked. Went to a poetry reading that was interesting as well. I am going to start writing some more poetry, and find inspiration as well being around in town.

Well guess that is good for now.


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