Recently I …

Recently I had such a busy week, this weekend I took it easy but had things going on in life. The past week just went to quickly by and went to fast. I keep my self on a schedule and I don’t forget to do what I was going to do. Life is not that short, I like a long fulfilling my life. Life is good while we keep it busy with things going on in the week. I keep myself on a tight schedule and not every thing is perfect.  I have heard that before and Some times things are not that perfect. 

I recently saw the movie “Son of God” and it was good, I have heard of all the story’s and wow It was a good movie. That is what I can say about that. I just thought it was good, being true to my faith and what other people think of it. I hope other faith, and believers Love him the way I do. For some reason I am into my faith as a Catholic and I am such a positive person. 


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