the saddest day..

The saddest day of my life turned around yesterday. I knew what July 10th was I celebrated and wished my sister a happy birthday in Heaven. Little I felt something in my dream coming to me.. a voice said Thank You .. till my dad called me and I knew something happened oh great I wasn’t prepared for this, It was my cousin he died. I nearly lost my tears, tears spilled from my heart and the waterworks started. I didn’t want this to happen, all I could think of is why, why did this have to happen.

All I could ever think about was my cousin, I know now he is in a good place with my sister, grandma, grandpa, his grandpa and my other aunt. I loved his smiles, that is one thing I am going to miss. I just wished I should have gone up there to see him, before anything happened. I know have two guardian angels as they are not to far from me.
That is the update this week.


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