a star is brighter tonight…

Today yes, since this morning I had heard about the Loss about the most comedian actor Robin Williams. To me he was the most heart felted person, he was a great guy, and loved being funny in movies and a very talented person to know. He did so many good roles in the movies he did, he was the most beloved actor and a favorite to a lot of good people that he inspired in the world.
Loosing someone is hard on everyone around, and grief is one of them. There are so many good actors and actresses that worked with him, and its nice that he has a lots of many fans and people that know him, knew him. A good thing is to remember him for his good talents that he did, he was my most favorite comedian and actor of all time. I just know we will always see him one day again and when that time comes then it will happen. Believe that we will always be together one day again, we will rejoice and be merry once day in the world of Heaven.
This is remembrance of his life and story in photos and in movies.. Robin Williams you are the shinning star looking down on us. You will always shine so bright.

till the next one… Me!


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