Looking back….

I was looking back at the past times, that I did certain years just from reading a journal. Looking back at the fun times and fun road trips and the good times, had happened to me. Just looking back at those times are reminders of your life.

Looking back at your past, was just a journey of growing up. Looking back for me was growing up in the Mojave desert area. I had a good family time with my friends and family around, my family grew up and was raised in a small town called Trona. I am a desert person, and yes it was hot every year. Now a days, the only time I go out there is for certain holidays and events. Looking back was the past, I don’t think about the past too much. But my life was good growing up and family of 5, two brothers and my parents, I am glad I am the oldest.

thanks for reading this.. *Its*me*


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