Why write? I love writing …

I just love writing and it so useful to me Just wanting my mind to start opening up on the things that I have been doing.
Writing is just a part of you expressing of who you are, its naturally good to write or jot things down of how are you expressing or what you are doing lately. I don’t mind sharing my thoughts, its time to share of what you have done as growing up, past things that have done from say your bucket list. Don’t we all have a bucket list? I do. Its already long and I try my best to get things done. I got this idea of why I love writing just from another viewer. Its knowledge and youthful and our great minds sometime just think alike. Writing to me is expressing of my thoughts and actions. I love writing short stories and making up romance stories.
This is why I love writing and typing it up is so useful of a computer to make it nicer, most of the days.

write from the heart. *Its*me*


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