15 years of my life…

15 years of my
life just went by so quick. Everything is just a memory and still cant believe everything is just a memory in my head, so many memories have been there and done it.
Its like wow, just the feeling has jut crept in front of me. It feels like omg this sounds so weird telling you how I am feeling about the time high school has made a big impact on my life.
Just looking back makes life wondered wow it sure has made a big improvement on me,
looking at my yearbook, makes me feel old and older. Most of my classmates are married and have children. And some of us are still living our dreams to find the love that we need in our life. Today realizing I am okay without a guy in my life, I tried relationships, but they are tough. Like now I am ready for love. And I am just waiting for the right guy of my dreams, just taking time to enjoy life now and when the moment happens, it will happen.

15 years of my life is typed and written in an time-line remembering what I did and kept track just about everything that I did and remembered that I did that already. Having this time-line helps me remember the things I did and done and what memories I have of that year. It just seems like yesterday, but it is like a flashback. Everything is just a memory now, from the past. Its just a lesson of life and growing up.


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