“I’ll See You Again” song on radio

Anyone who knows the song “I’ll see you again”, omg I love the song so much I know it all by heart. It actually makes me cry and think of my cousin every time I listen to this song. I just can’t get enough of this song, starting to loose my mixed feeling and emotions. I love it, but its starting to drive me crazy. I think of all the people we lost already who have passed, someday we will meet them and in heaven. Deep down I love this song but it puts me in a deep mood and want to forget everything I am going through in life and my lessons being learned in my daily life. Music is just a big part of my life lately. When I hear this song I just think of some thing else, or skip the song until you get tired of it. In a good way the song is there for a reason to listen to it, and think about the ones we lost this year.


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