Looking back at memories..

So I have been looking back at my past Journal entry’s that I have written in my life.. And I have been typing them up to keep them in a better safer place, to stay refreshed in a time line as my life has been. Its interesting what things went on my life back then. I am different but the same as everyone else. I may be a slight different than everyone else, just that I am special and talented for being a brilliant person. My disability does not stop me from “What’s on my mind.”But I don’t mind sharing them.

Looking back at memories have really changed me, I may have grown to mature in a way. But being an adult and making my life the way I want it to be. I try not to look back at my past memories, it just makes me feel stronger to know that I did a lot to achieve those things. Change is good for every thing. Those past memories have made me realize that I sure have grown, but not to let those past memories fade away. But deep down in my heart, I can remember what true feelings. That I had from my past memories. But making new memories make me feel stronger. Yes, as an adult I can do much better and stay strong to make those things stand out and be who I want to be.

It is nice to know that, just looking back at us when we were teenagers and full of wonders about Life. Now that we all adults we are living the life in a better place where we are now. Stay strong and hold onto those memories, just by holding onto your real dreams and make them come true. Be who you are.  Just Live and Love your life.


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