My opinon on Whales

Whales are whales, they should be all free in the ocean. That is how they live, just read an article on orca whales. On how they are trapped by living in the tanks, and how they are living in the wild like all the other whales and animals in the ocean. I wish the whales in tanks would be free enough to live in the ocean. I just have that one wish for the whales to return them back into the ocean and live their life with more whales around them. I know it will hurt amusement parks, but it would be better for the whales to live in their own captivity and with their own pods.

Have you ever been on a whale watching trip by boat? I have many of times, it is just so much fun and I like seeing the whales who do come around and when they come up for air. Its interesting on seeing them in the ocean, it is fun taking photo’s and capturing the moment of them living in the ocean’s water. Be sure to take a whale watching trip by boat. I have done it a few times in my life, it is just an amazing trip to see.


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