Story time (group project)

You know what’s Interesting about my Reading class? I have been enjoying and understand the Life of “The Last Lecture” by Randy Pausch. It is such a good book, I have been enjoying it. To me, The Last Lecture is mainly about his last lecture, and his life, romance and his family, understanding he had pancreatic cancer, I understand it. Cause of what I understand about other people and What type of cancer they had. My cousin had Leukemia and felt a great deal and would be 2 years this July since my cousin passed. I get it, Life is amazing. But If your sick or dealing with cancer, its a hard thing to deal with.. Cancer is the enemy. It is hard to believe that feeling deep inside your soul. I really loved my cousin, it sad that he is no longer with us. But any ways the story of The Last Lecture, I know and felt his spirit and how He believed that he enjoyed his Life and enjoyed time with his family. But you you can’t live forever, you can Dream and Hope about things that are close to you. I really liked this story and enjoyed it well. My group is doing a presentation on this book and Hope it goes well. “Life is good, and Dream big.”


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