Old Journals

Old past Journals have been my pride and joys of my memories and what things I have done and went through in my personal life. So many of each one that I have written and gone through, taking with me at all times. Journals are my toys and always will be found in my bag or my purse where ever I go. I never leave the house with out a journal and because my daily life is written in them. Some words are like a tune in my head like a song to be heard or song to be written behind my life. Songs have been inspired me to write some of my own tunes, I just like to write and some day be heard to sing a few tunes of my own songs per say singing my own songs privately in my room. Deep down there is a song I would like to sing about my self.

Journals are just good for those people who like to write just about anything, some people like me just journal because we like to journal. Going through each journal has a message, as yet a memory to be heard or said once before. So as going through each journal knowing what journal I have had. I remember each one that I have written and been used. Yes I do instagram and feel free to look me up. Instagram:GabbytheArtist

thanks for listening and reading !!! GG


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