Angels & Memories

I know and seen an Angel, I have seen some ghosts in my life.

The only thing I have seen in life are the ghosts of my past and so on.

I have felt and seen what they would have looked like.

My Sister is my guardian Angel always will be. My Grandma is another one who I usually see once in a great while. She will always be missed. Dealing with a loss is truly hard on me. I know what it feels like loosing someone close to you. I never knew my grandpa Gabriel, all I heard is stories abut him. Then there was another relative I grew close with, she was always there when my family asked her for help. She was like my second favorite person in the world. I remember her sweet face and that she loved us all. I truly loved her smile. I really believe in Angels, I really have a gift of seeing them in my dreams. Being a special gifted person, who I am today will always have that connection.

I wanted to share my special connection with my fellow readers. *-G.G.


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