Life now and future

Life now and my future (summer 2016 edition)

So I have been thinking of the Perfect story line that I want to do for my Future book. I definitely want to write and design books and create them myself.  I want to be an author and write my own stories, a book on Finding Love, secondly weight-loss story (someday) and third my autobiography on growing up with a Disability. What I do now, trying to finish college in my time now. (I still haven’t college and yes I am 34 and going to get it done this time) My dream is to actually finish college with my Art Degree / AA  It is going to happen for me some day to finish that dream, and be more happy about everything around me.  It is time to make Dreams come true, I say so. I want Love to find me, when it does happen and it will . I am still waiting for my Prince charming to find me and kind of like my “Finding Love” story, on how we found love together. And stay in Love forever, with my best friend. (Guy)

till the next post…*G.G.*



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