My Life growing up ..

My life growing up was mostly in the High desert in the Mojave desert area and between Death Valley. Yes it gets really hot in the summer there. I grew up there for 20 years of my life. It was time for a change and leave the desert and head somewhere else out of the heat and hot desert. But thinking about life growing up there. It is just a memory lane to look back on life on and realize there just all memories in your heart and soul. Growing up changed me a lot. It was easy getting around the streets by bike and scooters for us kids, to get around and back. Each family there was different than mine, growing up with two brothers. Used to have a sister, but she is in heaven and always my guardian Angel at my side. She is my someone to talk to, when I am feeling down or sad I can talk to her.

My life growing up are all just memories now to me, I am grown up, an adult who is also making history with her art projects and making a name for myself. My life just changed, you know what I mean. Growing up went to fast, now in life we deal with things on our own. Life is full of stories to be told, Life is.. as it is now. So many great things about our lives growing up. We change so much since we were kids, having the opportunity to grown and make our own families. Not me just yet, I am still waiting for the next big thing to happen to me. My Art work is still in process, I love making art, and creating more to come out this year. Growing into my art takes time to process things going on and into my paintings. Life with Art opens me up and sharing with it everybody. I will find Love when it does happen for me, in the right time. I am still searching for the right guy, when he does come along for me. I know it will happen at the right time, when we find Love together.

Art is just an amazing thing. I say live Live, Life, and Love life that you have. . Love your self and others around you, everyone has an amazing families. We all have a voice and say what we want to say and share on our own time, blogs too. Well till I write again. G.G.


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