the Undelivered Letter poem

In honor of my cousin Nate (N.G.)

Called the Undelivered Letter

The other day I’d wrote you a letter to you it said…
From me to you I say you, are a blessing in my heart.
I think, I’ll wait, I write ..
Looking up at the big beautiful sky around me.
I said your name many of times
Thinking about you, that I feel
Your grace upon me.
The letter continued as I wrote
With my sad tears inside of me

Dripped down on the paper,
I said it is okay to cry.
I sealed it with my lips with a kiss
And left a mark on it.
I’d picked it up, put it in an envelope
Liked the flap down and wrote
Your name on it.
This letter of mine, could not be mailed.
I say these words to you and
From my heart.
I can send the message on
From me to you. Always forever
Yours truly signed, sealed and delivered
To your world upon the deep blue sky
I love you forever
No matter what
You know it is from me.

Your cousin G.
(Nathaniel’s 2nd Anniversary poem July 10th)


One comment

  1. gabby3218 · July 11, 2016

    I definitely love my poem, as of today. He is always in front of me as my left hand guardian angel. He helps me leads the way to having a great day.

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