Inside your backpack

So been researching on video on youtube on Back to School Hauls and Contests. I have been doing some thinking and note taking on my theory. I can’t believe there are so many people and young and older women doing these video’s on Back to School:Hauls/Giveaway. I have been doing my searching and finding out what all supplies we all use inside a backpack and what things we all like. It’s interesting on how many things we all use for college, school, depends where we go and what we like to use and write with.

There are tons of school supplies and we all have a taste of what we all use inside a backpack. There are tons of supplies to pens, pencils, highlighters, paper, notebooks, binders, folders, and the basic stuff really. I use a bit of stuff just like everyone else, I am in college and I do like the stuff I do use everyday. I love pens but picky on pens that I use and do not like gel pens. Pencils there are one type that I use and that is Mechanical pencils are just more better to use. Some regular pencils are okay, it has to be a certain type and just for drawing and making art.

Inside a backpack you will find lots of supplies. I find 2 water bottles inside mine, got to drink water during the day. On my list, got to have breath mints, gum, headphones, charger for phone and cord (I keep a spare inside my bag), bus pass, some extra pens incase some one might forget there’s. I never go with out a bandaid in case of an emergency, a yellow highlighter, but just the basic things you need during the day. I love my new backpack, it is black and white and it looks so awesome on me. One more thing, don’t forget your lunch bag/snack bag. Got to keep yourself prepared and focused on the day. Stay busy! Later.


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