Life continues..

So glad that Halloween is over with. No more scary things.
It is over and start making happy things for the holidays.
Looking forward to spending time with family and a short
break from class work. I hope no extra work during the holidays.
I need the extra sleep, more working on my projects for my self
and my paintings during the holidays.
I am extra happy today cause I can start dressing warmer
more long sleeves, leggings, stretchy pants, sweats, sweaters,
time for jackets, and hats. Yes it is that time for scarfs,
dressing nicer in warmer clothes. It is fall and then it will be winter.

I just love this season and the fact of being with family this year.
The time to be with each other, spending time with one another.
I plan on making more art in my spare time and during the holiday, a dream
to continue to grown with my art. The exciting part is making my installation
and to send it to more art shows, the one for next year is Sacramento.
Will see if I get accepted and never giving up on my dreams.


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