Christmas Cheer 2016

It’s that time for Christmas cheer, followed by the feeling of cold days and nights. I like this time for the Christmas spirits to help us stay in a good mood. This time of year makes us laugh, to be merry with our families, to have a good time. Its the reason to the season to enjoy life and live it well.

this year has been a good one for me, just waiting my turn to see what is going to happen next year for me and my art work and school. I am ready for a fun year in college and next semester will be better. I am taking water color class in the art room, but it should be fun. It should be fun for me to learn. I am ready to learn new things, and make more art for sure next year. And plus hopefully more places for my installation to go to, I hope to see my installation at least one day at a gallery or somewhere to attend the show. I am ready to show my true colors in more artwork, and new paintings. Be updating on my website next year too. (check out my website)


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