10 Rules of Traveling

Here are some tips on what to have with you on taking a trip or a road trip on the go. Cause you always have to have these things with you…

1. The reason to Smile.
Why I said that, is cause if someone smiles at you then you should always smile back and be happy to share the smile from your face.
2. Pack less..
Tip, I learned to always pack on just what you only need to use. Plus do not carry a bunch of things that can make your bag heavy.
3. Be flexible.
You just want to be comfortable while traveling either way to travel.
4. Think..
Think about what your going to say, before telling that person.
5. Always pack a snack or lunch.
Tip: Do not leave with out something to eat, and come prepared with food.
6. Don’t forget your Chargers
There is always something that your always forgetting is a charger for a phone or a tablet and then you end up with buying another one.
7. Be Kind.
8. Be Positive.
Tip: Be in a good mood, and focus on being positive in your life.
9. A kind of gift.
Tip: Be prepared to share a kind gift.
10. Remember this list.


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