What makes a good friend?

Recently I have been attending a group club for special needs, we basically talk about different topics and subjects. I got this flyer and been wanting to make this into a blog to post about. So here is this week’s blog:

“What makes a good friend?”

Sharing of common interests: Friends share similar interests, likes, and hobbies. Common interests give you things to talk about and do together.

Caring: Good friendships are based on fondness, warmth, affection and mutual caring. Caring involves feeling and showing compassion, concern and empathy.

Support: Support involves providing help and assistance when needed. Support includes giving encouragement and reassurance when times are hard.

Mutual Understanding:  Your friend gets you and understands your likes and dislikes. Your friend understands (or even anticipates) your thoughts and feelings.

Commitment and Loyalty: commitment is a promise that you’ll be there for each other in tough times. Loyalty includes actions that show your support and allegiance.

Honest and Trust: Without honesty there is little trust or security in friendship. Trust is an assurance that your friend will support you and have your back.

Equality: Equal friendships, no one person dominates the other. The needs of both are equally important, and enjoyment is reciprocal and shared.

Ability to Self Disclose: Self-Disclosure is sharing your private thoughts, feelings and history. Even casual friends share at least some thoughts and feelings with one another.

Conflict Resolution: Even close friends argue from time to time, but they can resolve conflict is often determined by caring, commitment and trust.

(until the next one- I write)


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