The real me..

About me I am in my life now and I can say anything about what I want to say about me. Life is good and amazing and how it is not all that perfect. But really about me I like to do a lot about me. And for what it is worth, I can say that I am a great painter and so creatively that art is perfect for me.

The real me is about passion and sharing that passion with who ever is checking out my page or reading or updating new things about me. Passion is about things that you love, passion is about the relationship and who your with. The real me is about me opening up about some facts that I want to share with certain friends and others. You see I am an avid reader, a great puzzle maker and I glue them for to display. I take really great photos with my camera, I like to read Romance books, reading up about History or learning more history when I can really just search it up on the Internet. I am an avid Organizer, to keep tidy around the place, creating stories, writing in journals, and a planner. Most of my times I keep my self in house doing things I like to do. I keep myself busy at times, and I usually get it all done.


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