Living situation’s

You know what’s crazy about craigslist, the amount of the price for a room in a house it just expensive you know that. I look once in awhile but so many people just are asking too much money. I think they are just scamming for extra money, how can someone pay that much just for the right location that you want to be. We all have a dream where we want to live in our place of living, in the city or a small town. I shouldn’t have say this but craigslist needs to have restrictions when people price the room for a crazy amount of money. How are senior’s, and people with a disability, supposed to come up with extra money for living, paying only what they have to live on in a day to day life. This is why there needs to be more low income apartments for us to live in a small community.

I just had to get this off my mind and to write about it. Writing or blogging helps the mind to take things off your mind. Well thanks for listing.


The dog of a Chihuahua and her name is Tilly. Here are some facts of them: The Chihuahua is the smallest breed of dog and is named after the state of Chihuahua in Mexico. Chihuahuas come in a wide variety of colors, and two coat lengths. There are two varieties of Chihuahua – the Smooth Coat (short haired) and the Long Coat. Both the Smooth and the Long Coats have their special attractions, are equally easy to keep clean and well groomed. Chihuahuas love their dens and will often burrow themselves in pillows, clothes hampers, and blankets. They are often found under the covers or at the bottom of the bed, deep in the dark and safety of what they perceive as their den. Chihuahuas also enjoy time in sunlight.

My friend Tilly is a sweet chihuahua she likes being held from time to time, to sitting in the sunlight laying in it for awhile. Enjoy’s watching a good movie while sitting in my lap, one of her favorites is the Chihuahua movie. I wanted to share about my favorite little chihuahua.

this summer 2017 for me..

Yea I know it’s been awhile since my last blog. I just have been busy with my busy summer schedule and staying busy is a good thing to do. I am an artist trying to paint, catch up on reading books, with Netflix while catching up the dc comic movies when there is time to watch a movie in between my days. Other wise I am just enjoying my summer days while I have at least 3 and a half weeks until the fall semester start back up at the college. My summer has been a great one so many good things have happened this year, while making each day last. Summer break is all about taking a break from college and making it a good summer for me. “Enjoy life to the fullest.”


Art and Advocacy in Sacramento

I just wanted to share my art and advocacy Art Installation that is hanging in Sacramento, California. This is a huge opportunity for my installation and me as an artist to advocate for special needs/ people with disabilities. I am proud of myself as an artist and growing with the talents that I have inside of me. I wanted again to share this around my blog page and to show it off.

Finals week coming up..

Yea we know that Final’s week is about to begin this week and next week too. I have been swamped with finishing up last minute details and revision on papers. But so glad it is almost over with, pretty soon I can relax and work on my fun activities this summer. I cannot wait to dig into my books and read romance, sit by the pool, and get into my painting projects this summer. I am staying all caught up with everything going on with my classes and ready for get into the next level of classes in the fall semester.

  1. Stay positive and Focus. 2. Be an artist and paint. 3. Do more watercolor projects.    4. Have fun with friends. 5. Smile and Hug more often.

The best news ever

The best news ever was two days ago, when I finally received the email saying congratulations, your piece Consumer has been selected for the exhibit Art and Advocacy: To Be Developmentally Disabled starting June 15- September 17, 2017. The opening reception is June 20th from 5:30- 7:30 at the California State Museum in Sacramento. This is the best news as an international artist and now California.. dreams can come true.

What makes a good friend?

Recently I have been attending a group club for special needs, we basically talk about different topics and subjects. I got this flyer and been wanting to make this into a blog to post about. So here is this week’s blog:

“What makes a good friend?”

Sharing of common interests: Friends share similar interests, likes, and hobbies. Common interests give you things to talk about and do together.

Caring: Good friendships are based on fondness, warmth, affection and mutual caring. Caring involves feeling and showing compassion, concern and empathy.

Support: Support involves providing help and assistance when needed. Support includes giving encouragement and reassurance when times are hard.

Mutual Understanding:  Your friend gets you and understands your likes and dislikes. Your friend understands (or even anticipates) your thoughts and feelings.

Commitment and Loyalty: commitment is a promise that you’ll be there for each other in tough times. Loyalty includes actions that show your support and allegiance.

Honest and Trust: Without honesty there is little trust or security in friendship. Trust is an assurance that your friend will support you and have your back.

Equality: Equal friendships, no one person dominates the other. The needs of both are equally important, and enjoyment is reciprocal and shared.

Ability to Self Disclose: Self-Disclosure is sharing your private thoughts, feelings and history. Even casual friends share at least some thoughts and feelings with one another.

Conflict Resolution: Even close friends argue from time to time, but they can resolve conflict is often determined by caring, commitment and trust.

(until the next one- I write)