Obsessions, addictions, are things we are into and we like to buy things that are fun to have in our lives. Shopping is an everyday need that we like and do mostly every day. We all like to shop in stores that we go to. I like the main stores like Walmart, Target, and Big Lots, plus I hear Hobby Lobby is a good store to go too. Stores have things that look nice to buy or only what you need to have in your life. But then I think it just adds up in a box or container with what we use or don’t use until we give it away or send it off to someone we know that can use it.

2 other stores that are cheap is the 99. cent store and the Dollar Tree in every town. They have good quality things that we use until it falls apart. Yes, that has happened to me last couple months ago I had bought a stand for my phone but the stand broke. Yet, I gave up on buying things for my phone there. But the rest is good use. Back to school stuff is everyone and when that time of the year hits, then a lot of students start going and filming their video’s there. Then it is updated on youtube. That feeling that you get about school stuff or things that you must only need for class is a must have. I am a college student and going back for my third year in college. This time I am only using what I already have in my box of School/Stationary stuff, It is good to use those things first.

Our college starts August 20 this year. I usually enjoy every semester as it goes by so fast while making the moments last in pictures and in your head. It was time for me to start writing, blogging this summer. Until I write again…



Education is one Important thing to have in us these days, to what we learned back in our days in class as going way back to jr. high and high school. Education was one of the learning keys in life, that we learned from and then to life now these days. Education is a big deal for the student to learn while growing up and learning from it as you get older. As we become adults as of 18 as we enter that life of going off to college, as some wait a year and take a year off from college. But most students go right to college just right after Summer hits; and for most student’s. Most colleges start early as of August, or as the middle and end of the week of August to start college. As for example most students need to be a week early to find their dorms, get settled, find their way around, know where their classes are going to be, knowing Education is going to help them in life and work right after they finish 2 to 4 years of College until they Graduate with or without Honor’s. I though this was an important lesson is this week’s learning how teacher’s are greatly appreciated in school and college.

The Public Transportation…

This is what I know about Public Transportation. I get around quite easy with the bus mostly because I take it everywhere I go. The Bus is a great way as long as you know which way your going. Plus there is the coaster or the sprinter in San Diego county. From here to there I go every where I want to go on my own these days. I have been doing this in for the past few years now. When I used to live in other cities I had to figure out the public transportation by bus, I eventually learned the bus system and I am good about learning about which way I am going. The Public Transportation is the best way to go these days while getting the hang of things in your town.

I am used to taking the public transportation no matter which way I am going I am always there on the bus. I take the bus at least 4 times in a day. I take the bus in the morning at least 2 and then later on I take the bus 2 again to get home in the life by me mostly. I rather take the bus than driving.

Thanks for reading.

The backpack story..

So I have been meaning to tell my readers who all have backpacks. That I was telling my friends about the first backpack that I have had since high school, and I still have put away. It is just old and still the same purple color, but not it that much shape anymore. My first backpack was purple the JanSport backpack. Another bag that I had also in school was my blue strap bag, I have had so many bags though that I became a bag person. During the years we all have had bags to purses. I remember having so many purses, small bags, and to mini backpacks that used to be around.

What was your first backpack?

Please leave me a story about your first backpack in my comments, I would like to know. Well thanks for reading and listening.

Hello 2018

Thoughts about last year was just an amazing journey. Remembering the good times of 2017 went to quick but we had enjoyed the good times of last year. As a writer I have learned a lot from others and from myself. But this year will hopefully be different than last year with a whole lot of fun times looking forward to this year. I can’t believe we are in 2018 already. It is here and time for more fun after enjoying the thrill of a New Year. Yes we are in 2018, happy and full of fun to enjoy your life with good positive friends and family.  Hope everyone enjoys the moments, and memories of this year.

Final’s week..

This is the week of Final’s for students

who are ready to be prepared for education

It’s an education of knowledge to know the general studies of college.

To me, I am ready for this week to be over already. While looking forward to getting a 5 week break from college studies to catching up on reading my romance books, reading more books from the library, and painting during my break.

The season of Holidays

It’s that time again when we see Halloween is here but then it is gone. I am not a fan of halloween, I have always look forward to the first day of November. I like this time of year when the air gets better, the coolness of the season, and fun adventures to look forward to the end of the year. The holidays are here once again. You got to love the season and to be merry.