I am always on Facebook, with a help of a cell phone or an iPod or iPad or any thing electronic is helpful these days. What I  say is on my wall and is private and personal messages are kept Private. I like the the internet and it is helpful and Useful for information, and email is email. What we do is personal and private and just for us.

Facebook is just for anyone. Just keep you self in Line, and watch out what you do say. Don’t say anything to personal, cause I was talking to a friend the other day and I was telling the person, don’t say anything too personal. I just think I find it a little weird, and create your own private or closed group to get that energy out of you. It just needs to be in a closed group just for one and get it out, other wise anyone can read what you do say. I just say be careful of what you say and watch out.

what you do say Gets out there, and other people do read it.  Just be careful of what you do say.


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